Donald Trump Secret to success revealed

Donald Trump

Donald Trump is the 45th President of the United States of America. He is also the richest president in the country’s history with an estimated net-worth of $3.7 billion. He was a reluctant entrant into politics, often pointing out that even though he believed that he could streamline Washington and return the nation to its glory, he preferred to make his contributions from the sidelines. Donald Trump once said when asked by a reporter during an interview that he believed that if he were to run for the office of the President of the United States, he would win. True to his words, he ran and won. He was the most unlikely presidential nominee for the Republican Party and a political neophyte that many had written off as lacking the experience and the appeal to be elected to the highest office in the land. He seems to excel in everything that he ventures in. What are his secrets to success?

1.The Desire to be Rich

Donald Trump has become so successful because he desires success. You have to want to succeed in order to realize success. Desire drives us to pursue our dreams by pushing us out of our comfort zones. According to Napoleon Hill, one of the best-selling authors of self-help books, desire is a fundamental requirement in the journey of success. They say that as a man thinketh so he is because desire stems from the mind. It is the dream of a better future and the thought of achieving something much more than what we currently have. A person that lacks desire is content with being mediocre and revels in the ordinary. Donald Trump has always had the burning desire to be great, and it has often pushed him to wade into unfamiliar territories in pursuit of new opportunities and wealth. His desire to be rich pushed him to borrow money and start a business. The Trump empire is vast and worth billions of dollars. You can’t have and maintain that kind of success if you don’t desire it in the first place. Desire will also help you focus on your goals because it will motivate you to achieve a particular result. Trump desired to bring change to Washington and improve the country’s economy. He talked so passionately about how America was losing millions of jobs to other nations due to bad trade deals. He wanted to see a more prosperous and successful United States. He dreamed of a future in which every American has a decent job and is well-paid. It was this desire to create change that made him run for the presidency and to stay in the race in spite of all the odds. Having the desire for a better life goes a long way in pushing you towards the realization of your goals and dreams. People must learn that yearning for something creates passion and that is what will differentiate you from your rivals. It starts a fire inside you that will give you the strength to ensure that your dreams come true. Donald Trump has shown how desire can help you overcome the odds and realize success beyond what was imagined to be possible. His rise to the presidency is a story that will be told for generations to come.

2. Take Action

Being all talk and no action will not get you anywhere. Donald Trump has demonstrated time and again that he is a go-getter who has a tendency to get things done. You can desire all the success and riches in the world, but until you take that important first step to get things in motion, nothing will come of your dreams and ambitions. Actions speak louder than words, and that is why people who roll up their sleeves and get to work actually find success. A person of action identifies opportunities and makes an effort to exploit them. Some people are born into wealth but still end up poor because they do not make an effort to increase the wealth but rather spend time squandering it. Trump was born into a rich family, but he did not spend time waiting for his inheritance. He instead borrowed money and made his own investments, in the process making the Trump name a global brand. He is not a person who just wishes for things to happen but takes action to achieve his goals and dreams. You can’t achieve anything if you stay in your comfort zone and hope that things will work out. You have to get up and make things happen because on most occasions things will not be handed to you on a silver platter. Donald Trump wanted to be president and create change, so he got into the race and began the hard work of convincing Americans to vote for him. It was not an easy task, but he got the job done. He took action and turned his dreams into reality. The same approach to success should be adopted by anyone that wants to achieve his or her dreams.

3. Perseverance

Success does not come easy. You will meet a lot of hurdles along the way that will throw you off-balance and dampen your hopes and ambitions. The road to success is not one for people that cannot persevere. Trump experienced severe business losses when he first started off. He could have just given up and focused on the family business that was already successful or opted for a more safe investment. Instead, he chose to keep going, and his perseverance brought him immense success. Many people like to despise those that are rich or successful in the society because they are seen to have been beneficiaries of inequality. One simple fact that is usually ignored is that most of the rich individuals in the world worked so hard to acquire their wealth. They went against the odds and sacrificed pleasure to achieve a goal much bigger than the ordinary person can perceive. Trump is known for his perseverance because even when the tide turns against him, he stays steady and keeps moving on until he reaches his goal. He keeps his eyes on the ball knowing only too well that at the end of it all lies great achievements. It should act as an inspiration to many people that are faced with various challenges in life. Just like Donald Trump, you can persevere even when the going gets tough because when the rough patch is gone, better days will come. Trump has been a public figure for decades, but the onslaught he suffered from the media and political rivals on his character and policies could have been too much for some people to bear. He kept the faith through the storm and ascended into the highest office in the land. It should be a lesson to all those with dreams and ambitions that the journey will not always be smooth, but when you stay strong even when the world is against you, success will come. Do not be that type of person who wants the easy way out because the world is so competitive and everyone wants a shot at success. You’ll never attain your goals if you don’t have strength to persevere.

4. Overcoming Fear of failure

Every investment has a risk. There is no guarantee that your new business will become successful and bring you returns on investment. Some people have also been disappointed when they fail to reach their goals or perform below expectations. The same analysis is seen in dating and relationships where people fear rejection. It is utterly painful and heartbreaking when your feelings are not reciprocated. Some people can never go after the things that they desire because they fear failure. A boy may never express his feelings to the girl that he likes because he fears that she might reject him. A person that has been divorced before may shy away from marriage because of what transpired in the past. Someone with entrepreneurial desires may fail to make any investment because he or she fears that the venture may not be profitable and money may be lost. The fear of failure can hinder you from chasing your goals and realizing success. Many people have spent millions of dollars campaigning for the U.S presidency, but only 45 men have been able to occupy the White House. Convincing the electorate that you are the right person for the job is not an easy task and not to mention the lobbying that goes on in Washington. Donald Trump did not fear failure and took his chances. He eventually won the Republican Party ticket and went on to become the 45th President of the United States of America. What if he had succumbed to fear and thrown in the towel? Could he have become president? The answer is ‘no’ because you have to overcome the fear of failure to achieve your dreams. The guy that fears rejection can only know what his love interest thinks by mastering courage to ask her out. The young person with the desire to build a business empire must overcome the fear of failure to see his or her dreams come true. It takes courage and the ability to try for one to be successful. The life story of Donald Trump is a true testament to this.

5. Never Give up

Sometimes the journey becomes so tough that you think of giving up. You can never know what truly lies at the end until you get there. Donald Trump was dogged by a lot of controversies that some people even called for him to drop out of the presidential race. Others believed that his run had come to an end when a video about his controversial remarks about on women came out. Any other presidential candidate may have thrown in the towel. He did not give up and stayed in the race until the end. There were so many factors that could have discouraged him from continuing with his presidential campaign, but he did not quit. He was down in the opinion polls, and many experts believed that the election would be a landslide. He still continued and did not stop. He talked to voters and made inroads in states that were considered to be out of his reach. Trump’s victory confounded both allies and foes because it had seemed highly unlikely. The biggest secret to success is never to give up. Keep on going because you will eventually weather the storm and enjoy brighter days. The ability to keep on going even when to many people quitting seems to be the sensible option is what separates winners and losers. An athlete who returns to compete each year after a string of losses may eventually win and attain glory if he or she keeps on practising and finding better ways to compete. Treat winning the same way you would view learning to ride a bicycle. You will fall so many times but get back up and try again. In the end, you will find your balance and rhythm and ride without difficulty. People such as Donald Trump succeed because they have the willpower to go on despite the odds present. He kept on and overcame the challenges he experienced while campaigning for the presidency. He finally made it to the White House, surprising a lot of people on the way. What this mainly shows is that when you give up midway, you’ll never know what lies at the end. Maybe your breakthrough was right around the time you gave up. Learn the power of never giving up from Trump and people like him that have succeed against all the odds.

These five steps can help you achieve your dreams and succeed in life. They are the secrets behind the financial success of Donald Trump and his amazing rise to the United States Presidency. These factors will play a key role in the realisation of your dreams whether you are running for an elective office, aiming for business success, or striving to get good grades and go to the university of your choice. They apply in all aspects of life.

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